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Course Structure

The course structure at uPrep is based on extensive research and optimized learning methods to effectively build understanding. We structure our classes this way in order to promote self-directed understanding of topics and a genuine comprehension of the topics at hand. 

Each course contains at least 28 lectures and a final exam. The exact dates for these are outlined in the timetable here, or linked in the menu above.


Each lecture is 90 minutes long, consisting of 3 distinct sections:

1. Revision of previous concepts:

  • At the start of each lecture, we will go through select questions from previous assignments and try to provide specific feedback on what approaches were taken and how to refine your thinking process.

2. Teaching of new concepts

  • Delivering content through an engaging and interactive process, we teach the required materials.
  • We use researched-backed teaching methods, which are fine tuned to optimize learning. You can read more about our methods here, or linked in the menu above.

3. Activity engagement / open tutorial session

  • Here, we deliver a slightly more difficult problem to be attempted either individually or as a group activity, depending on the course/assignment type.


After each lecture, we have a short assignment due before the next lecture to make sure your knowledge is solidified. These are on Moodle (our education portal linked on our website) and most of it will be instant feedback! For the written questions, we will have them marked with feedback and returned to you within 2 days of submission.  

Although assignments aren’t “marked” in the sense that they will contribute to your final certification grade, they are highly recommended and required to properly understand the course content. Our selection of assignment questions are purposely chosen, meant to solidify understanding rather than drill the same question for hours. We strive to have our purposeful challenging assignments that elevate your understanding to a higher level. 

On top of the base assignment questions, we also include the entire lecture notes and many practice questions with each lecture for extra practice.


Our courses are all delivered online through the video platform Google Meets. If you are unfamiliar with the online style of learning or need help setting up a good online learning space, please read this article, “getting started with online learning”, linked here and below.


Our teaching staff range from PHD candidates to professionals with countless years of experience in their field. Our programming instructors are members of the top team in Western Canada, winners of championships, engineers, computer scientists, statisticians. The list goes on. When a student gets accepted into classes, they get the chance to meet their educator before payment.

Our educators have been carefully vetted through a 2-month long interview process, and have been trained in our research-backed methods for an additional 2 months despite their experience in their field.


Online Delivery Format

We chose online learning as it is the most convenient and allows us to cater to our international clients. This is one of the many differences from the traditional classroom learning, and we hope to prove the effectiveness of our program despite this different medium. 

Please familiarize yourself with our education portal, Moodle, ensuring you are able to access notes, attempt assignments and get yourself ready for the final exam.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your instructor via email, they are then able to either answer your question or schedule a meeting to discuss.  

As an accommodation, if you are unable to make the lecture please contact us and you can either attend a makeup session at our other scheduled time or we can send you a Zoom recording of the class.


Final Exam and Certification

With every uPrep course we include a free certification for the course that you have just taken. The final exam will be administered in the last lecture, as outlined in the timetable. If you are unable to attend this final class, please info@uprep.academy as early as possible.

The final exam will be a mix of questions around the median difficulty of the homework questions. Because of the difficulty of the questions, don’t be discouraged by the lower score, in-order to achieve a certification, you will need a score of 60%. A score of 80% is needed for honors and 90% for first class honors. You will be sent a digital certificate within 2 weeks of the end of the course if you passed.



We offer 2 separate payment plans:

1. Up-front course payment. (10% discounted)

2. Monthly instalments

Given option 2, payment is due on the 20th of every the month. Payment will be accepted by wire transfer or bill payments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m not sure what course to enroll in, what should I do?

Fill out our registration form without selecting any courses and our team will follow up with a questionnaire and a skill assessment to figure out what is right for you / your child.

Are there homework assignments?

Yes, there are assignments after each lecture and unit depending on the class.

Is the homework marked?

Yes, upon submission our educators will mark all assignments with feedback within 2 days. Note that excessively late assignments (more than 2 weeks may take longer to mark).

Can I drop a course and get a full refund?

Students that have attended 2 classes or less are eligible for a full refund. Unfortunately, due to concerns about proprietary teaching methods and assignments being leaked, students are not able to be refunded past the 2 initial lectures.

Is there a refund for absences?

If you are unable to make the lecture please contact us to either:

  1. attend a makeup session at our other scheduled time
  2. Be sent a Zoom recording of the class.

For this reason, we do not offer refunds.

What is your class size?
  • Class sizes range from 6-10 students, depending on the class difficulty.
  • For example, differential calculus has a larger class size (10 students) due to the course content being much easier than our competitive programming class, which has only 6 students.
I’m not sure if I want to enroll, is there any free trial?

Please contact “info@uprep.academy” to get in touch with our team!

Do I have to meet all prerequisites to register in a course?

Prerequisites are in place so that students don’t feel discouraged when they are learning knowledge beyond their current understanding. We allow for exceptions on a case-by-case basis, please “info@uprep.academy” to get in touch with our team!